Hello and welcome!

We are a games development studio that focuses on creating educational games.
Our passion is finding fun and exciting ways to combine education and entertainment. Designing an encouraging environment for both young children and parents.

Currently we are working with academics from Glasgow University to help us create great games that will both entertain and educate.

Please enjoy our Tolva and Ting and Baby Look games below.

tolva and ting
tolva and ting
Come and join the party!

Our action-packed world full of challenges, slapstick, adventure and emotion.
Digital Toys themed around emotional Literacy and early learning.

Ting Toy

Use this fun interactive action figure to explore pre-writing skills and gesture based controls
tolva and ting


Tolva says time to tidy up, but someone is in a mood! Can you choose the right robot to help cheer them up again?
tolva and ting

Count Me

Make the number of bubbles Ting wants or burst them before Ting can
tolva and ting


Match the shapes and colours to hear the exciting music and see the robots dance
tolva and ting
Baby Look
Our BabyLook app's stimulate young eyes by presenting
high contrast dynamic and engaging imagery.

Designed in collaboration with Psychologists at the University of Glasgow to target the needs and abilities of 0 - 18 month old infants.
Our Baby Look toys not only work as a developmental aid they are also a great way to entertain both you and your child on long journeys!


Watch as the faces interact with your gestures and each others six "universal" facial expressions
Baby Look

peek a boo

Babies will find the high contrast face fascinating and entertaining, perfect for long or short journeys!
Baby Look


Tickle the wee face.
Your little ones will be in fits of laughter, good for cheering up grown ups too!
Baby Look


Introduce your young ones to music with this easy to control string instrument
Baby Look


An interactive rattle for babies and the sight impaired
Baby Look


Grow your own garden simply by brushing your finger across the screen
Baby Look


Create beautifully simple fractal patterns just by touching the screen
Baby Look


Draw shapes with your little one by simply touching the screen and hear the shape names called out
Baby Look